Learning Online Business: A Guide to Success for Starting an Online Business from A to Z

Online business is getting hotter, people say.

But the reality is that rarely who REALLY knows the principle …
… if we look for information on Google about how to start an online business, 90% of what we encounter are websites that offer paid membership.

Then we are told to recruit other people.
A kind of MLM, but online.

That is not business, we are played by other people so we give money and work for them.

Now I will open your eyes.

I will really teach you a real online business.

Therefore, after reading this guide series you will understand step-by-step that you must do to start your first online business.

Let's start.


Online Business Guide Material

Just like offline, online business is not just one type. There are several branches or paths that you can take.

Understand the principles of online business

What I want to emphasize: online business is the same as offline business.

The principle is the same …
… provide products / services, then make other people come to us.

The way it works is the same.

Therefore, do not feel that this is a foreign science.

Be careful too if someone offers a magical business that generates hundreds of millions of dollars in an instant … usually fraud.
If offline is impossible, online is also definitely impossible.

There is only one thing that distinguishes offine businesses from online:

If offline we open shops, offices, restaurants, stalls, and the like. Meanwhile, to run an online business, we create a website.

Products / services sold can also be different …
… if the offline business is generally a physical product. Whereas in online business we can also sell digital products, in the form of files on computers without physical form.

Again, this is the principle:
• Don't feel this is strange, the way it works online and offline is exactly
• Be careful of “magic businesses” that offer lucrative income in an instant

Online business is the same as offline, the only difference being the medium


Choose online or offline? This is the consideration

So you already understand the similarities and some differences.

That's not all.

Although the process is the same, but because the media is different, of course there are certain considerations before starting.

Not everyone fits into an online business …
… it could be that after reading the following you will prefer to run an offline business only.

The pleasure of running an online business:
• The system runs automatically when it is awakened
• Market potential is greater than offline
• Can start with lower effort and costs
• Not bound by time and place
• Compared to offline businesses in the exact same model, their income is relatively greater

Approximately that.

The following are actually not shortcomings of online business, but things that usually make people disappointed with online businesses:
• The process is the same as an offline business: making, marketing and selling products
• Although it is not a problem for you internet & computer hobby, but those of you who are very conversant may be a bit problematic
• Many give up too soon (because they want instant income)
• You still need to work seriously, online business is not magic that can make money while you sleep
• Not passive income

From now on you will hear a lot of foreign terms.

It's not difficult, but unfortunately I often meet people who haven't given up because they don't understand the language.
If you want to succeed in online business, do not immediately give up when hearing words / sentences that are difficult to understand. Search on Google to understand its meaning.


Some popular online business models

There are 5 types of business models that are most often run online.

Of course, the five models are not all, but usually the other online business models are derivatives or branches of one of them.

Now we will discuss one by one …
… so you don't get confused when you enter the main material.

In addition to the explanation for each type, I will also discuss whether the model suits you or not.

1. Selling products / services online

This is the easiest, everyone must understand.

The difference with an offline business, you will sell products / services through the website. Can be from your own website, social media, or online markets such as ebay, amazon, sears etc.

Because this is clear, I will not talk at length.

This business model is suitable for those of you who:
• Already know the product / service to be sold
• Already have an offline business, want to “expand” into the online world
• Do not have large capital, or no capital at all
• Need direct income

2. Become an ad publisher

Ever wonder, why on the internet are many blogs and websites that provide information for free?

Because they advertise.

There is one of the largest ad networks, owned by Google, called AdSense. That is often used by website owners.

The process is like this:

First we create a website that provides information or as a community forum, then we invite others to come to the website.
After the website is popular, we register at Google AdSense.

If it is accepted then we get a code that can be copied and pasted onto the website.
After that, the ad will appear automatically.

Every time a visitor clicks on an ad that we post, we get a commission. The commission varies between $ 0.01 to $ 5 (even more) per click.

This business model is suitable for those of you who:
• Want semi-passive income
• Want to run a potentially large side business
• Likes writing
• Not in need of fast income

The most commonly used type of website is a blog …
… so to be a successful publisher, you must like to write.


3. Make a subscription service

This business model can take many forms, the similarity being in the payment system: subscription.

So, customers pay a routine monthly or annually.

Here are some examples of its form:

1. Blog with premium content
2. Forum with paid membership
3. Paid software / apps
4. Courses, consulting, subscription services
5. Digital magazines
6. Product subscription

This subscription service business model will be increasingly popular going forward. Even now almost all software / app-based businesses have a subscription system.

This business model is suitable for those of you who:
• Have or can make your own products, or …
• … can provide added value from existing products
• Need a stable direct income


4. Referral/CPA/Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you promote other people's products, then you get a commission every time they sell.

Often also called referral marketing or CPA marketing.

Besides advertising, this is the most popular among bloggers.

The reason is because their income is (far) higher than advertising and they don't need to bother making products.

This online business model is suitable for those of you who:

• Want semi-passive income
• Not in need of fast money
• Don't have big capital to start

Most people who start affiliate marketing usually rely on blogs, so learn how to create and develop a blog.

5. Build a startup

Startup? What is that?

This is the meaning:

Startup is a new business built with a completely new model and work process, not imitating any business that has existed before.
The new form … has never been there.

So for example you start a business in the form of an online store that sells tshirts, it is not a startup. Because this business model is common.

But if you make an app to book a car/ taxi from a smartphone, this is a startup. (exp: UBER)

I can't explain more about startups, because the concept is like this: different.

What is clear, the startup industry in Indonesia is currently warm. Every week dozens of digital startups appear.

This business model is suitable for those of you who:
• Likes to innovate and accept new challenges
• Want to make something big, even change the world

Although startups in general can be started without capital and not directly earning income, but you will need investors who are willing to fund.

That's the 5 most popular online business models today…

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