Get to Know SaaS, Software As A Service

Software as a service or also known by its abbreviation SaaS is one of the software licensing models that provides access to the relevant software through a  subscription. The software is stored on an external server so that access can be through a web browser that requires users to log in using a username and password.

You also do not need to install and maintain software on your device because you can already access it via the internet. In other words, you will be free from complex software and hardware management. SaaS facilitates you hosting and accessing applications remotely, making this the main key to the advantages of SaaS: easy application access. Without hardware and software that must be purchased, installed, managed and updated.

Characteristics of SaaS

An easy way to understand how software as a service works is to compare it to a bank. This is because banks can protect the privacy of each user and also provide reliable and safe services on a large scale. Bank customers also use the financial system and technology without having to worry about others being able to access personal information without permission.
Banks are also an appropriate metaphor for understanding SaaS because of the same characteristics.


Multi architecture, where all users and applications have the same infrastructure and basic code that can be centrally managed. Because all SaaS users are on the same basic code and infrastructure, vendors can innovate faster and save more time that was previously spent managing managing outdated versions of the code.

Easy Customization

The ability of each user to be able to customize the application for their individual business needs without having to change the central infrastructure. Changes can also be made for each company or user. That way, SaaS providers can make changes as often as possible without harming users and expensive costs.

Better Access

Data access from various devices can make things easier. Like monitoring data usage and ensuring that all users see the same data / information at one time.

SaaS Utilizes Web Consumers

Everyone must be familiar with the appearance of Amazon and Yahoo which are similar to the SaaS application. With the SaaS model, you can easily customize it without taking a long time.

SaaS Trends

Various organizations have developed various SaaS integration platforms to build additional SaaS applications. Software as a service can develop beyond software with a single function. So, SaaS can become a platform with various applications that can solve complex and important tasks.

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