3 Principles for Getting Money from Internet (and 5 Steps to Getting Started)

I know who you are …

If you find this article from Google, you fall into one of the following categories:

1. Internet hobby. Then one day find information that from the internet you can get income. Because you do not currently have an income or are just barely … you want to be rich from your hobby: the internet.
or this:

2. Have tried several “online businesses” that promise to be rich in a day / week / month. Everything failed … You have lost a lot of capital, so now you are desperate.

If yes … I will help you.

3 Principles you need to know

These three things will open your eyes to the reality of building a business and earning income online. You may skip these 3 principles , but you will forever have the wrong mindset about online business.

If you want to open your eyes and really start trying to get an income that can support your life, please read them all.

1. Stop searching for “how to get money” from Google

If you just came from Google, I hope this will be the last time you use Google to search for these keywords.


Because almost everything you meet teaches the wrong thing.
I even dare to say that many websites lie to you. Claiming to get hundreds of millions in a day, even billions.

Glance sounds tempting… but then you are told to register in a program.

Yes, the system works like MLM.
They are given a commission every time they successfully recruit new victims, including you.

So from that they would not want to make the offer so tempting. So you can join to become their referral.

2. Forget the words “from the internet”

Online and offline are the same …
… if you want to get money from the internet, it is no different than without the internet. By working for others, or building your own business.

The internet is not a magic thing that can make money while you sleep.

If someone says you can, then it's like the one above.
Exaggerated, or 100% lying.

So you have a picture of online business, here are some ways that can really give you income from the internet:

  • Become a freelancer – write articles, design logos, etc.
  • Work remotely (remote work: work that does not require you to come to the office)
  • Sell goods, services, or services to others online
  • Doing micro work, such as clicking on the ads discussed earlier (very small income, unless you have a lot of referrals)
  • Become a blogger
  • Make paid applications / software / programs

Approximately that. Nothing WOW.

Because the reality is like that. If you want to get money to be able to support your life and family, then you really have to work. But so you are not disappointed, let me tell you one thing: Starting a business and starting work online now is much easier (and cheaper) than offline.

How to start I will explain below….


3. Work real, build a real business

I will not deny that there are indeed ways that you can make money without working hard or in the short term.

Maybe there is…

… but it won't last long.

Either because of low income, or because it is illegal, or can only be used in the short term.

It's useless if you can get money quickly, but the amount is small.

It's also useless to get large amounts of money, but not in the long run.

Because we will still live for decades to come, then you should build a business or work that can generate income for your life.

Work that can support life.

After this, I will introduce you to the world of online business. So you can start building a real business online.


5 Steps to building an online business

I need to explain one thing first:

I just chose one of the many online businesses that I think can be done by everyone.

But this type of online business is not just this one.

If you are confused about which one to choose, or don't know where to start, please follow these steps.

From here you can also learn the concepts in general.

Let's start.


Step 1: Find your interests and expertise

Everyone who has ever run a business would agree with me that doing business is the easiest and most fun if it suits our interests.

If not, then you will encounter many difficulties.

Though as beginners we certainly want the easiest level first.

Unfortunately, something like this often appears:

“Ouch bro … I am a person who can not do anything … how can I still start my own business”

In fact, everyone has at least 1 skill.

In fact, the average human actually has 500-800 expertise. But most of us are not aware that we have the expertise.

For this reason, I will help you realize your own abilities.

Then from this ability you will be able to find business ideas.

Now, take 1 sheet of paper and 1 stationery.

Next write down your 20 abilities.

No matter how small, just write everything that comes into your head.

To simplify the process, please answer this question:

  1. What kind of help do your friends often ask you for?
  2. When looking at other people's products / services / services that are being sold, does anyone ever make you think “ah I can too”?
  3. Do you have skills that others want to learn?
  4. Have you ever taken a course / training?
  5. What abilities often impress others about you?
  6. When working with others, what is usually your job?
  7. What experiences have you had?
  8. What do you do when you are bored?
  9. What achievements have you had?

No matter how silly the answers appear, don't miss out.

Write everything that comes to mind.

No need to feel that you have to be truly expert. As long as you feel your ability above your friends, write it down.

For example if you have lived alone, then you should have the ability to clean the house. If you have a baby, then you have the ability to care for babies.

I demonstrated for the answer to myself:

  • Writing articles
  • Create a blog
  • Lose weight
  • Presentation techniques
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point
  • English
  • Clean the shoes
  • Discipline of time & productivity
  • Starting and developing a business


Of course this is not all, only a few. You also must have far more than this.


Next, create something like this on your paper

this is called demand matrix.

Place the 20 capabilities that you created earlier in this matrix.

For example from the example “developing business”. Many want this ability, even some people are willing to pay dearly (for consultations, etc.)

Then place it at the top right.

There are no guidelines or rules, use your own logic and reason to estimate its position.

The results will be as follows:

Each ability is positioned as a point in a certain position.

Getting to the right and getting to the top means that your abilities are in high demand by many people and will be of high value.

The position on the top right is the best business for you.


Step 2 – Determine the type of business based on the expertise

This stage is very, very easy.

If you want, I can explain to you in less than 60 seconds.

The most common choices are 3:

  1. Products
  2. Services
  3. Skill

Choose one to start, depending on your taste.

Almost all of the skills you wrote earlier can be converted into a business form by selling the 3 choices above.

For example, the ability to “lose weight”:


  1. Ebook for weight loss
  2. Ebook a healthy diet
  3. Video guide exercise / sports patterns
  4. Calorie tracking application for smartphones


  1. Create a blog containing guidelines to lose weight
  2. Making courses online (and offline)
  3. Consultation on diet, diet, or fitness


  1. Trainer / coach

From 1 ability, you already have 8 business models.

Because everything is your expertise and interest, so you should have no trouble getting started.

As long as you want to try a little.

Earlier, I said that I would teach one of the many types of business. The type of business that anyone can do.

Not only that…

… this business model can also be a foundation for yourself to build other businesses.

Here is what I mean:


Step 3 – Create a website in the form of a blog

Create a blog.

For those of you who don't know, blogs are content based websites. As you are reading now.

What is the reason for choosing a blog?

First, creating a blog is easy.

Blogs also don't cost a lot of money. It can be started for free and if you want to look a little more professional it only costs less than $10 / month.

But that's not what's important …

Blogs are a forum that can make you known by many people.

Blogs can make you considered an expert by others.

Thus, you can sell any product / service / service to readers who are loyal to you.

Basically, blogs are indeed not business. But a blog can be used as a foundation to build whatever business you want.

In my opinion, this is the best choice if you are confused where to start.

The stages are like this:

  1. Start a blog
  2. Create useful content
  3. Get lots of loyal readers
  4. Launch a product, service or service

The result will be MUCH more effective than if you sell products now without having any reputation.

Because they believe in your reputation.


But there is one problem …


Usually people who are blind to technology will find this difficult.

But no, creating a blog today is the same as writing in Microsoft Word or even a typewriter.


Step 4 – Develop a blog that has already been created

Again, I need to tell you that the internet is not a magic item that can create money while lying down.

After creating a blog, you will not immediately get money.

You should try to develop the blog, so that many people come.

Just like business in general.

To do this, do these 2 things:

  • Create content that is useful for others
  • Promote the content to people in need

This is not difficult …

… unless you really don't move at all.

Therefore, please read the guide to making a blog that was mentioned earlier. Then immediately create your first blog.


Step 5 – Sell the product / service

Let's jump forward first.

After you create a blog, after people arrive at your blog, you can start selling products or services through that blog.

Like the store?

This is one of the differences between online and offline businesses.

If in the offline business, we make shops, stalls, and the like first. After it is finished, then we do marketing so that people come.

Online business, vice versa.

We bring in the people first, then we sell them.

This is why I say starting an online business is easier.

Because we don't need to pay a lot of money to create a shop and provide products first. Both are done later.

Thus, the risk becomes zero.


It's done!

So, it's easy right?

With 3 of the 5 steps above, you are already superior to the other 95% who want to do business online.

Especially because you already know which online businesses are good, and which ones are a waste of time. So after this you will not be trapped again.


Before we end, I want to remind you of these 3 principles again:

  1. Don't get caught up in ways to get money from the internet that is not true
  2. The internet is not a magic item that can print money while lying down
  3. Build a real business, a business that can support your life

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