Hi, !

Welcome to our SILVER membership program !. We have activated your membership, and now you can enjoy 100% FREE access on all of our SAAS collection.

Start browse all collection here to see what SAAS you want to request

But, before you make any request, we have rule & terms on this membership program that you must follow:

  1. Due to MANUAL ACCOUNT SETUP process, we must apply maximum 2 SAAS request/mo, and maximum 2 SAAS request /day for each member. It's means, in one month, your request to SAAS access not more than 2 SAAS (accumulated in one month), and in one day ,only 2 SAAS access request for each support ticket.
  2. To get access to the SAAS you want, please create HELDESK TICKET with tittle “SAAS Access Request – [current month & year] – SILVER MEMBER”, than we'll setup your access asap and deliver it via the helpdesk ticket. (Exp: SAAS Access Request – August 2019 – PLATINUM MEMBER)
  3. During FREE TRIAL, you only allowed to request max 1 SAAS access.
  4. Refund on Membership Program is 14 days. No refund after 14 days. And refund only be possible if we can't deliver the access to the saas at least 50% from total SAAS request each month. For some issue on the SAAS, basicly we can always fix it except if the SAAS got total error and very longtime delay on vendor support
  5. You must keep your monthly subscription ACTIVE, otherwise your access to the SAAS will discountinued.
  6. Due to some LIMITATION on each of the SAAS license we have, we can't guarantee if ALL MEMBERS will get access to the specific SAAS. Exp, our DESIGNA app only allowed max 100 licenses, so if right now we have 150 active members who join membership program, ONLY 100 members who will get access to DESIGNA, and others 50 members will not get access. But, if we think we can ADD MORE license of the SAAS, perhaps others 50 members will also get access to DESIGNA. But there's no guarantee we can do UPGRADE because some vendor only offer to the reseller/agency license for specific time and event (like only available on early bird launch).
  7. Some SAAS has OFFICIAL SUPPORT and some not. So, if the SAAS has official support, you will also able to contact their support directly on HELPDESK/EMAIL/CHAT by give them your LOGIN details. Or if the official support not available, the support to the SAAS will available on our helpdesk.

We can do support on the SAAS by applying these following terms

--> You have issue on the SAAS, you write it to us via EMAIL/CHAT/HELPDESK (by attaching screenshoot or video), than we will FORWARD IT to vendor's support, than if we get reply ,we will forward it back to you as the answer --> Sometime, we can reply you fast, but sometime not, it all depanding on how fast we get reply/response from the Vendor's Support, so you have to understand this situation. But we allowed you to do REMINDING regarding your issue, so we can always remind that your problem still not get reply by the vendor than we also can remind the vendor support as soon as possible.

--> For any SAAS that supported by us , we can handle only on some issue, such as ACCOUNT CREATION/EDITING , re create New account for you, providing tutorial/resources/bonus, and account testing. Sometime, we also need official support before able to help you fix any issue you have on the SAAS


Please follow this guide: Create HELPDESK TICKET with tittle “SAAS Access Request – [current month & year] – SILVER MEMBER” (Exp: SAAS Access Request – August 2019 – SILVER MEMBER). On the description, just let us know list of SAAS you want (max 2 items /mo or 2 items/ticket request for PLATINUM member). Than we'll setup your access asap and deliver it via the helpdesk ticket.